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PALS: Parent Advocates for a Later Start

46th District Democrats.

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PALS endorses Ken Smith for Northshore School Board

Voting for Smith and Phillips for school board


Angie Yusuf “Good luck, Ken!”

Keith Thompson

Brent Smith “Good Luck!”

Julie Trott “Ken Smith has dedicated himself to the Northshore schools. As part of the financial review committee with me at Arrowhead Elementary, Ken brings his accounting knowledge and thorough attention to details. He’s committed to making Northshore schools successful.”

Jennifer Spanton “Ken speaks from the heart and I believe he has what it takes to get things back on track for our school district.”

Tana Ingersoll “Ken stands for integrity and honesty in all he does. He does what is right and sticks with tenacity and reason, even if the path is difficult and challenging. He has proven this time and again with his efforts in PALS, the NSD transportation issues and his discussions about the Kenmore City Council. Ken will bring a breath of fresh air to our School Board and will put our KIDS FIRST, not the unions or political expediency. A vote for KEN is a vote for all our kids in the Northshore School District.”

John Hannay “Ken Smith and I have been neighbors in Kenmore for the past year since my wife and I moved right across the street. We have never experienced such a close, friendly, and supportive neighborhood. Ken and his family are super friendly people and very active parents. With my own 11 years working in public education and graduate degree in education, I have both personal and professional admiration and respect for Ken. Elect Ken Smith for the Northshore School Board!”

Deana Harris

Joe Marshall “Ken Smith offers the educated, considerate and decisive commitment we need for Northshore. Ken will ensure that families and parents are listened to before critical decisions are made, and will take up the cause for diversity and our neediest students. I heartily endorse Ken.”

Emilie Nangle “Ken has the best interests of our children at heart and wants to make a difference on their behalf. I’m so glad he’s running for school board!”

Sara So “Ken’s passion for improving our district is inspiring.”

Allen Xiao “Ken is hands down the most creative and energetic accounting professor I’ve ever seen and has a strong passion for civic engagement and making his community a better place.”

Marci Cheesebrough

Cindy Jensen “I fully endorse Ken Smith for the NSD School Board. I appreciate all his efforts to ensuring transparency and advocating for later start times for high school!”

Jeff D. Almeida, Kenmore; former Vice-Chair, Ada County (Idaho) Democrats

Dawn McCravey

Sam Ames

Wendy Reynolds “Ken’s commitment to transparency and success for every student is vital to the future of Northshore School District.”

Allan Van Ness

Madelyn Smith

Scott Reynolds “Ken not only has a vision of what a great educational system can be, but he also understands the details of how to achieve that vision. I trust our kids’ education to Ken.”

Mark Ingersoll

William (Bill) Leak “I’ve known Ken for several years, and have been impressed with his community engagement on many levels. I appreciate his fair minded approaches to problem solving, and his strong accounting background. ”

April Sanders

Clyde Merriwether “I’ve found Ken to be both open minded and committed to doing something good and productive. I believe he will prove to have a positive impact for the kids in the district.”

Vicki Rhoades “I’ve known Ken for over a year. He seeks solutions in a way that includes the hard dollars-and-sense numbers, but that is also fair to teachers and families. I believe that he will work hard to make our schools better all around.”

Mathew Martin “I find Ken’s dedication to transparency a vital part of our ability to stay informed on issues related to NSD.”

Julie Gorom “Ken’s background in government accounting means he’ll bring much needed critical analysis to accurately assess issues and problems facing our district to offer realistic solutions. As a dedicated community member and parent he’ll also bring great caring to that analysis as well.”

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  1. For years, Ken has been a go-to expert when I want knowledgable, unbiased observations. I trust him, and his expertise in accounting, process, and auditing will be an asset in this role. I will definitely be voting for him and encourage others to consider him.

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