Ten for Ken

Tell Ten Friends to vote for Ken.

Ken painting Lockwood Elementary during Community Serve Day.
Ken painting Lockwood Elementary during Community Serve Day.

In small local races, name recognition is everything. Talking to friends, family, and neighbors to let them know you’re voting for Ken is really important in getting the name out! Please tell your friends why you support Ken Smith for Northshore School Board Position #2.

Donate Ten Dollars.

Campaigns take money. If we want Ken to win, we’ll need yard signs, campaign literature, and buttons and shirts for our supporters to wear. Will you give Ten Bucks for Ken?

Volunteer Ten Hours.

As mentioned above, the hardest challenge for School Board Races is name recognition. The best way to get Ken’s name known and Ken elected is by having volunteers talk to voters about why us volunteers support Ken for Better Schools. Will you sign up and help?

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